Best Updates for Your Off-Roading Adventure in 2023

Best Updates for Your Off-Roading Adventure in 2023

Best Updates for Your Off-Roading Adventure in 2023

Off-roading is an adrenaline-pumping thrill but can give your vehicle a beating. For 2023, give your vehicle the gift of off-roading upgrades that can handle the rugged terrain. Here's where to get started with some of the best upgrades for 2023. 

Recoil Clutch Kit

Pack in the punch with a a recoil clutch kit for an off-roading upgrade in the new year. No matter the terrain, you'll notice the accleration and instant clutch response when getting back into the throttle. Our mudding setup will also help get your tires through thick mud with better RPMs and wheel speed than ever before.

Jeep Accessories

Jeep accessories are the perfect off-roading upgrade for 2023. Start with a 2-pack rugged handheld radios to share the adrenaline on the road. Our radios work with all VHF-UHF business brand radios that operate on the same frequencies. They come text messaging capabilities on digital channels and a powerful 5-watt transmitter. 

Roll Cages

A roll cage is engineered with style and safety in mind for proper fit and easy installation. Every cage is fixture-built in house to ensure the best fit possible. Enjoy DOM tubing construction, rear passenger grab handles, rear view mirror mount, and dural whip mounts.

Vehicle Whips

Vehicle whips are flexible enough to whip back and forth during your off-roading adventure but durable enough to stay put. Beyond how fierce they look, they can also help clear debris when ripping up the trails. Dirt Direct Offroad also offers easy on-off patented technology, so your whips can easily remove them without compromising how incredibly durable they are. 

Dream Whips

Our Dream Whips are a fun, easy, and powerful way to illuminate their next ride. You'll end up with an infusion of color and top-notch whip construction. Instead of ball-bearings and threaded bases and use quick-release technology to easily remove the whip without compromising its security. It's more efficient and durable than the average whip.

We also attach the male end of the whip to the vehicle while everyone else uses the female end. The result? You don't have to worry about dust and debris filling up the female end of the whip, which can lead to failure. 

Suspension Kits

Give your ATV suspension an upgrade for 2023 to absorb the impact of touch terrain while you soar, tumble, and turn. We offer a variety of suspension kits and upgrades, including coil overs, lift kits, and lowering kits, to make the most of your off-roading adventure.

Speaking of lift kits, your vehicle deserves a lift to raise the body of the vehicle and give it more clearance from the rockiest terrain. Lift kits offer top brands to get you out on even the most demanding terrain.

Electronic Dump Valve Exhaust/MID Pipe

The Electronic Dump Valve Exhaust/MID Pipe transforms the quiet stock sound of your X3 SxS to a 3 cylinder Rotax with a quick push of the bottom. This off-roading upgraded incorporated a high-end fully electronic-exhaust valve motor into the Big Mouth cat. You end up with an incredible sound that you can't beat.

Off-Roading Wheels and Tires

Maximize your time off-roading with the right upgrades to your wheels and tires. Off-road tires provide better traction and durability on rough terrain and come in various sizes and tread patterns to suit different off-roading types. Dirt Direct Offroad Performance offers a wide selection of off-road tires from top brands.


You can ditch the skid plate altogether with a bumper option, like the new Baja Series Front bumper. It utilizes a unique plate steel construction for a fresh, bold look. It's built to take a beating and even comes with side grills that can easily be color-matched to your car.

Ready to Give Your Vehicle an Upgrade?

Beyond your off-roading ugprades, there are a number of other off-roading accessories and tools that enhance your ride while out on the trails, including recovery gear, such as winches and shackles, as well as lighting and communication equipment. 

Need help picking the right upgrades and high-quality gear for your off-roading experience? Visit us at 15230 San Fernando Mission Blvd Suite B102, Mission Hills, CA 91345!