Best Gifts for Off-Roading Adventurers

Best Gifts for Off-Roading Adventurers

Best Gifts for Off-Roading Adventurers

Off-roading gifts are the perfect idea whether you're looking for something extra special for friends or family or a much-needed item to reward yourself. Here are some of our favorite gift ideas that are ready to take your next adventure to new levels.

Single Mode Whips

Give the gift of our brightest whips yet in 3' for the most lumens per inch possible. Our Single Mode Whips are designed to maximize visibility and safety while making someone's ride more thrilling. Watch your friends come tearing around a bend with their whips blazing.

These are currently available in white for anyone who isn't interested in the multi-color experience. We love that this gift idea is multi-functional and can be used as a camp light on an off-roading adventure.

Our whips come with our patent-pending "Easy On, Easy Off" quick-release technology. Our whips stay on securely, but can also be removed quickly and easily. 

Dream Whips

As the name implies, our Dream Whips are a dream for off-roaders looking for a fun way to illuminate their next ride. Beyond all the color you infuse in your ride, our whip construction is also top-notch. We skip the ball bearings and threaded bases, pins, and magnets. They simply don't last under harsh, off-roading excursions. Instead, we use quick-release technology to easily remove the whip without compromising its security. 

Our whip bases are reliable and rock solid, with 7075 aircraft-grade American aluminum hardened and anodized in black. With stainless steel parts, you don't have to worry about our whips resting. Unlike our competitors, we attached the male end of the ship to a vehicle while everyone else used the female end. The results? You don't have to worry about dust and debris filling up the female end of the whip, which can lead to failure. 

Jeep Accessories

We offer plenty of practical, innovative, and rugged Jeep accessories for off-roading. But a gift of 2-pack rugged handheld radios benefits you and your loved ones. They're easy to grab and come with an intuitive keypad and interface. Customize channel preferences with preset buttons. Our radios work with all VHF-UHF business brand radios that operate on the same frequencies.

Our handhelds also have text messaging capabilities on digital channels and a powerful 5-watt transmitter. The dual monitor lets you listen to two channels at once, and you'll get crystal-clear digital DMR no matter what you're listening to.

Truck Wheels

Only a die-hard off-roading fan thrills over the gift of a new set of wheels. Whether they love bronze, black, or something in between, we offer high-quality wheels that look amazing and hold up to the most rugged ride. 

Or check out our Method Race Wheels 410 UTV Bead Grip Gold with a simple 8-spoke design and smooth transitions. You'll find integrated grooves on the inner and outer bead set that helps engage the tire bead for strength during an extreme lead.

UTV Cages

Keep your loved ones safe while reigniting their sense of adventure with UTV Cages. Our cags look clean and are among the safest on the market. Reinforced tubes help reinforce your weak points so your family and friends can get off the trails and soar through the air. 

Some of our cages, like the UTV Wolfpack Yamaha YXZ Roll Cage, also comes with two whips for the rear of the cage. Every cage is also fixtured and welded to get that perfect fit every time.

Suspension Kits

Suspension Kits are a must -have when it comes to off-roading gifts and the best experience on and off the trails. Whether you want to give the gift of increase ride height or bottom-out resistance, our suspension kits help create a smoother ride without sagging or all the chop and chatter. Our high-clearance suspension kits help protect you and your ride with touches like steel brackets for unmatched strength.

Ready to Give the Gift of Off-Roading?

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