The Benefits of Investing in Quality Off-Road Tires

The Benefits of Investing in Quality Off-Road Tires

The Benefits of Investing in Quality Off-Road Tires

Off-Road Tires - Dirt Direct Offroad.webpWhether you want an adrenaline rush or to get deeper into nature, you need an excellent off-roading vehicle to take you off the beaten path. Although people often focus on their cars or upgrades, one of the most important considerations is the correct tires to navigate even the roughest terrain.

A quality set of off-roading tires are designed to deal with the challenges of driving over rocks, mud, and other rough surfaces. These tires are usually available for pickup trucks, SUVs, ATVs, and crossovers and are especially beneficial for vehicles with four-wheel or all-wheel drive and traction systems.

In some cases, you might find all-terrain options for smaller passenger vehicles like sedans and hatchbacks, and as the demand for off-road tires continues to grow, more options will likely become available.

If you're unsure what you need for your vehicle, here's a rundown of what off-road tires offer that durable street tires don't.

Better Grip for Unpredictable Terrain

When you're shopping around, you need a tire that looks great while handling a rugged ride during an extreme off-roading adventure. Off-road tires have a blocky and heavy tread to keep their grip and traction when tumbling over rocky terrain, dirt, and sand. That hardcore grip is a cornerstone of good off-roading tires, but too much grip can backfire and spit some of the rocks under your vehicle and hit the frame. 

Resistant Sidewalls

Your tires need to be able to take some abuse while crushing rocks and rugged terrain that extends beyond your tread. The sidewalls of your off-road tires also need to be resistant to punctures and damage to keep you safe on and off the trails. The puncture resistance also helps avoid a blowout of your inner tube and a catastrophic accident. 

Year-Round Operability

Unlike traditional tires that often need to be upgraded during harsh winter months, off-road tires are designed for year-round operability. Whether you want to climb into the mountains or take a spin across the sand, your off-road tires are up for the challenge. 

However, a year-round tire doesn't necessarily mean they're great on all terrain. Whether you prefer rocky terrain or something that grinds through streams and up mountain trails, pick the correct type of tread and tire to meet your needs.

Weight Considerations

Metal FX Delta Beadlock Wheel - Dirt Direct OffroadBeyond your off-roading tires, you can also choose a wheel that takes its design cues from a highly durable design while enjoying a lightweight feel.

A choice like our Metal FX Delta Beadlock Wheel never sacrifices strength or durability and features a billet Beadlock ring, knurled bead seat, and a lightweight center cap. You don't add any real weight to your ride and can focus on other upgrades. 

What Know Before Purchasing Off-Road Tires

Despite the extreme durability of power-packed off-roading tires, they aren't fail proof. They wear out faster than traditional tires that are just cruising along a well-paved highway. Depending on your off-roading conditions, you can expect your off road tires to last upwards of 40,000 miles. Make sure to keep an eye on your tires, especially after an incredibly rugged trip, to ensure they're safe and in good working order. 

Off-roading tires are known for being noisier than their all-season counterparts and may not be appropriate for pavement. The handling is different, and the heavy-duty tread may not be the best choice for concrete. It also takes more fuel efficiency to keep large, tough tires in motion and give it all you've got off the trails. 

Ready to Give Your Tires an Upgrade?

Beyond off-roading tires, there are a number of other off-roading accessories and tools that enhance your ride while out on the trails, including recovery gear, such as winches and shackles, as well as lighting and communication equipment. 

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