The Trooper is the next generation of our best-selling Tire Inflator. Built on the new Ventoso Tire Inflator Body, the Trooper gives you a 0-60 psi Liquid Analog gauge and a two foot hose whip, good for accurate tire air ups to 55 psi. Accurate tire pressures are important to increase mileage, improve traction, and extend the life of your tires.

The first thing you'll notice when you pick up a Trooper Tire Inflator is how sturdy it feels. This is because the new Ventoso body is designed in-house and is pressure cast for an extremely durable finish. Two XL bleed buttons are easy to reach with either hand and help you get precision tire pressures. We use brass pistons and EPDM O-Rings that won't tear when faced with the higher pressures that a Power tank puts out (up to 400 psi), though it will work with any air source. All this results in super tight tolerances in the finished product which means years of leak free usage.

Our 60 psi liquid gauge is filled with silicone for vibration resistance and so the needle won't slow down in cold temperatures like a common glycerin filled gauge does. The rubber boot is there to protect the gauge from accidental drops.

The two foot steel braided hose is more flexible than in past versions while still maintaining the strength and reliability you expect. It is a bit longer than our competition and we've found this length is perfect to be able to stand up while inflating your tires.

A Hi-Pressure Push-On (HiPPO) chuck is standard. Easy to use: push on, pull off. The HiPPO chuck has two points of engagement on your valve stem for a more secure hold, double that of the Clip-On chucks on the competition.

Every Ventoso Tire Inflator is fully rebuildable and each one comes with a five year warranty.

The optional Ammo Bag case is quick and compact while the zipper pouch is larger and can store additional tools. The zipper pouch also has an internal divider to keep your tools organized or keep the hose separate from the body. 


  • 0-60 Liquid Analog Gauge
  • +/- 1.2 psi Accuracy (2%)
  • 2 ft Steel Braided Whip
  • Fully Rebuildable
  • Ventoso Body
  • Five Year Warranty


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Kevin M.

Was looking for something specific- gave them a call and was able to order it up, even though it was not on the website.

Ricardo D.

My new go to shop for all things offroad.

Dustin S.

Boyfriend and I both have a set of the 2.5’ whips for our jeeps and use them every chance we get. They look for show and work even better for light in camp and on the trails. They bolt up similar to a radio antenna and have a quick release feature that we have never seen before but absolutely love. Definitely top 5 favorite accessories we’ve bought for our jeeps, and customer service is just as great as their products!

Alexandra R.