Trinity Racing RZR PRO R SLIP-ON


When it comes to designing exhausts, it is imperative that they not only look and sound great, but also perform. Trinity Racing has spent countless hours trying to perfect their new slip-on for the RZR Pro R, so that it checks off all of the boxes customers want and expect.

 It all starts with the new Stainless Steel muffler bodies. Trinity decided that their standard aluminum muffler bodies wouldn’t cut it for the RZR Pro R, they needed something a little more stout! So the team at Trinity Racing took that same Stage 5 muffler design and hand build new stainless cans in house. These new mufflers start out as a flat sheet of stainless steel that is laser cut. After they are cut, they are placed in a form die and pressed into shape on a press brake. After the two separate shells are formed into shape, they are then placed into a fixture, where they are welded together using a laser welder. This new welding technology allows for consistent and small Tig style weld every time.

 Inside these new mufflers is a 2.5-inch Stainless steel perforated baffle, wrapped with a pillow of high temperature fiberglass. This packing is what gives Trinity Racing exhaust systems that nice deep rumble. To finish the mufflers off, a new style Billet Aluminum exhaust tip and turn out tip are installed. And as with everything else on this system, they are also made in house in Huntington Beach, California. To finish it all off, a small Trinity badge is tack welded to the new cans.

 The Trinity R&D team is proud to announce that they saw an increase of 10-horsepower to the tires with just the installation of this new slip-on system. With the addition of an ECU tune, they saw a 15-horsepower increase. Pretty impressive numbers for just a slip-on exhaust system!


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Kevin M.

Was looking for something specific- gave them a call and was able to order it up, even though it was not on the website.

Ricardo D.

My new go to shop for all things offroad.

Dustin S.

Boyfriend and I both have a set of the 2.5’ whips for our jeeps and use them every chance we get. They look for show and work even better for light in camp and on the trails. They bolt up similar to a radio antenna and have a quick release feature that we have never seen before but absolutely love. Definitely top 5 favorite accessories we’ve bought for our jeeps, and customer service is just as great as their products!

Alexandra R.