Carli FORD Super Duty E-Venture Electronic 2.5" Diameter Shock Package (4.5/5.5 Height)

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The future of the HD truck suspension world is here. Carli suspension has spent months developing this dynamic valving shock package that responsively and constantly adapts to the terrain for the smoothest ride possible.  An on board computer and advanced algorithm constantly adjusts the shocks hundreds of times per second. Carli pre-programed three presets for highway, rock crawling, and high speed off road driving.

The system uses a sensor mounted on top of the engine to determine vehicle pitch/roll as well as sensors tied into the OBD2 to read the truck's speed, brake pedal position, accelerator pedal position, and steering wheel rotation. That info then gets interpreted by an algorithm to allow individual adjustment of each shock.

Damping is variable in any setting, meaning the truck can be supple on small chatter, then detect a large impact, rise or dip, and ramp up instantly. That variable damping dramatically reduces body roll in corners in any setting as well and allows for insane small bump sensitivity without giving up big hit composure. This system will be available for both 2.5 and 4.5 heights.

 This shock package is ONLY to upgrade an existing Carli system, and will ONLY work on 17+ trucks. We offer complete kits here. 

- Wiring harness, control unit, and control module
- 4.5/5.5" Front E-Venture SDI 2.5" Reservoir Shocks
- 4.4/5.5" Rear E-Venture SDI 2.5" Reservoir Shocks
- Reservoir Mounts


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Kevin M.

Was looking for something specific- gave them a call and was able to order it up, even though it was not on the website.

Ricardo D.

My new go to shop for all things offroad.

Dustin S.

Boyfriend and I both have a set of the 2.5’ whips for our jeeps and use them every chance we get. They look for show and work even better for light in camp and on the trails. They bolt up similar to a radio antenna and have a quick release feature that we have never seen before but absolutely love. Definitely top 5 favorite accessories we’ve bought for our jeeps, and customer service is just as great as their products!

Alexandra R.