Off Road Parts Northridge CA

Are you looking for Off Road Parts Northridge CA? Whether you're conquering rugged trails with friends, crawling over rocks at dusk, or navigating through challenging terrain, you need the right off-road parts to make the most of your adventure. Not sure where to start? Here's a round-up of the basics of pro equipment to amplify your off-roading experience.

Start with the Off Basics

Image of off roading Jeep leaving dust in its tracks in the mountainsLet's start with the basics of what you need for your love of all things off-roading.

Suspension Lift Kits

Suspension lift kits are the foundation of off road parts Northridge CA to provide more ground clearance and safety. It improves your ride by keeping you from getting stuck or worrying about excess damage, but it also empowers you to take more risks on your ride. Choose from body lifts, leveling kits, and full suspension lifts, or browse our entire selection here.

Off-Road Tires

Unlike traditional street tires, off-road tires are specially designed to provide traction on challenging surfaces. Look for deeper tread patterns, reinforced sidewalls, and aggressive tread designs that help tackle mud, rocks, and sand that stand in the way between you and a safer way to off-road.


winch is a crucial part of your checklist for off road parts Northridge, CA. It gets you out of dire situations, whether you're stuck in a mud pit or need to clear a fallen tree along northern California's trails.

Off-Road Bumpers

Off-road bumpers help give the front and rear areas of your vehicle a boost. They're equipped with different recovery points, winch mounts, and optional lighting for improved visibility and safety for the front and rear of your vehicle.

Get Off-Road Parts for Road Warriors

When you want to give your ride a bigger upgrade that transforms your ride, here's which off-road parts Northridge, CA, to buy.


Off-road cages offer roll-over protection if you accidentally tumble over uneven surfaces and steep angles. The cage keeps the cabin from collapsing and reduces the risk of injury to you and the rest of your vehicle.

Browse our off-road cages here

Lighted Whips

Lighted whips give your aesthetics a boost but also provide safety features. These off road parts Northridge CA make it easier for other off-roaders to spot your vehicle and act as beacons, especially in the evening or early morning hours. Whips are also a way to keep your group together in a convoy and serve as a visual link between each of your vehicles.

Rugged Radios

Serious off-roaders need a complete communication experience to make the most of their ride. Our helmet kit makes it easy to talk to passengers, other cars, answer calls, and stream music through your phone. It also works with all VHF brand radios operating on the same frequencies, brand radios, and more to help you stay connected and safe. 

Recovery Strap

Pull up to 10,000 lbs with the help of an ultra durable recovery strap that's still small enough to slip under your seat or in a glove compartment. One end wraps around an axle, through a shackle, or a good tow point. Just weave it back through the interwoven loops to give it strength and give it a good tug before pulling and towing. In the event you need to help with vehicle recovery in challenging terrain or your winch doesn't work, this off road parts Northridge CA could get you out of a jam.

First Aid Kit

Everyone needs a good first aid kit for their off-road vehicle, but serious adventurers need the Rescue Elite First Aid Kit. It's perfect to treat everything from small scrapes to severe bleeding. Despite all the stuff that comes with it, it weighs less than 2 pounds and can be stored just about anywhere. This kit is packed and ready to go with sterile gauze, an abdominal pad, eye pads, a traumatic pressure bandage, sting and bite wipes, butterfly closures, anesthesia times, an emergency blanket, and so much more.

Ready to Elevate Your Off-Roading Adventure?

Need off road parts Northridge, CA for your next off-roading adventure? We offer a wide selection of the best off-roading equipment and upgrades. Browse our entire online selection here to start modifying your UTV, truck, Jeep, or SUV from top to bottom.

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