Different Ways to Upgrade Your ATV

Different Ways to Upgrade Your ATV

Different Ways to Upgrade Your ATV

The world celebrated the first ATV, the Jigger, when it came onto the market at 1961, featuring 5 1/2 horsepower that could roam on both land and water. The evolution of the ATV was swift, with Honda soon following suit and popularizing the vehicle. Today, offer-roading vehicles are powerful, fast, and have hundreds of ways to upgrade your experience.

From performance to safety, here are the different ways to upgrade your ATV to make the most of your next off-roading adventure.


ATV accessories - Dirt Direct Off Road AdventureThe best UTV performance accessories improve your off-roading journey for greater performance, comfort, and durability. Start with our Turbo Intake & Charge Tube Set for tuned and high-powered machines to crush your off-roading goals.

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ATV Bumpers are a must-have if you plan to take a beating on the trails. Ditch the skid plate and invest in a Baja Series Front bumper with a unique steel construction plate. It looks great and is highly durable without compromising on the style you want. Choose from a powder coat with raw aluminum grills or a raw finish.

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UTV Cages

A UTV cage keeps you and your vehicle safe when you want to give a whole new meaning to rugged. Enjoy roll cages with windshield intrusion bars with rear passenger grab handles. Some of our ATV cages, like the Cognito 4 Seat Recreation Roll Cage, also comes with sound-reducing foam and whip mounts.

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Give your ATV doors an upgrade with custom graphics and colors. Our doors are accessible, straightforward, and simple to install with an aluminum panel and custom-made fasteners. Our exclusive designs allow maximum opening room to get in and out of your ATV. 

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There's nothing like off-roading at night over rough terrain or the open desert. But you need the proper lighting and accessories to do it safely without compromising on the adventure.

Start with the Gravity LED Pro06 39" 6-Light Combo Bar. It boasts impressive output with a low amperage draw that's also efficient. 

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When you love hardcore off-roading, you need to plan for maintenance and keep your ATV in great shape. We offer a range of maintenance accessories, from drain plug kits to full-throttle battery kits. 

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Combine off-roading with camping or an all-day adventure with the best storage options. Choose from door bags, truss bags, overhead storage bags, and more. They're durable, keep your things safe and secure, and extend the time you can spend off-roading.

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Give your ATV some shock therapy with our suspension accessories. A suspension upgrade ensures your vehicle can soar over obstacles and tear up the terrain without damage. Choose suspension kits that fit your vehicle and protect yourself from unnecessary wear and tear.

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Wheels and Tires

Upgrade the look and feel of your ATV with a new set of wheels. We offer lightweight wheel options without compromising on strength or durability. Enjoy optimized tread depth, size, and rim range to take your ride to new levels.

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ATV accessories cover everything from seats to mounts to amplify the enjoyment and safety of your ride. Choose front and rear suspension seats, fire extinguishers, and mirrors. 

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Ready to Upgrade Your ATV?

Ready to take your ATV off on your next off-roading adventure? Make sure you load up with the right gear and upgrades to make the most of your time on the trails. Visit us at 15230 San Fernando Mission Blvd Suite B102, Mission Hills, CA 91345, or browse our products here