12 of the Best OHV Trails in LA County

12 of the Best OHV Trails in LA County

12 of the Best OHV Trails in LA County

LA County is home to a mix of easy to black diamond terrain that challenges any off-roading enthusiasts. Beyond the terrain, you'll also soak up dazzling views with beaches, desert, mountain ranges, and mining history. There's a trail for everyone, whether you want to go out for a few hours or spend the entire weekend.

Ready to get off the road? Pack-up your gear and head out for one of these best OHV trails in LA County.

1. Del Sur Ridge

Take an 11-mile trail ride near Santa Clara. The Del Sur Ridge trail is moderately challenging, with spectacular views to soak up along the way. You'll find flat dirt or gravel conditions with some rutted sections and more challenging with steep inclines. Head out in spring, summer, and fall for the best ride time. 

2. Holcomb Creek

The Holcomb Creek OHV trail near Running Springs challenges pros looking for a new adventure. As one of the most popular OHV trails in LA County, you'll enjoy slippery and rocky terrain, even fi the creek runs dry. Put your skid plates to good use and feel the impact on your undercarriage as you tumble along the trail.

3. Big Bear Lake

Situated in the San Bernardino National Forest, there's plenty to see and do beyond your off-roading adventure. Tear up the trails at Big Bear Lake for breathtaking views and pristine natural environments. Choose from beginner to advanced black diamond trail adventures.  

Make sure you're up to the challenge of a black-diamond trail. Read more about six recommended upgrades for a better off-road experience.

4. Coldwater Canyon via Lytle Creek Road

Rocky and rutted Coldwater Canyon via Lytle Creek Road go from easy to moderately difficult as you press further into the mountains. You'll experience plenty of loose rocks while climbing over 3 to 4 deep ruts. The trail's end is also a great place to camp if you're looking for options along OHV trails in LA County. 

5. Lake Hughes Truck Trail

Spanning nearly 20 miles, the Lake Hughes Truck Trail is accessible to moderately challenging and desolate. Go during wet conditions for a more challenging ride and higher creek crossings. No matter when you go, you're unlikely to see too many people out off-roading, leaving you more freedom to explore without inhibition.

6. Rattlesnake Canyon

Wind through the deserts near Johnson Valley into a Joshua Tree forest for deep sand and creek crossings. Rock crawling isn't too challenging but enhances the adventure. Soak up the views of abandoned buildings and structures within the canyon.

7. Berdoo Canyon

Add this historic stop on your wish list of OHV trails in LA County to explore. Home to an old ghost town of Berdoo Camp, Berdoo Canyon features a moderate off-roading trail in Joshua tree national Forest. You'll experience some deep ruts, sandy areas, and views along the canyon wall and mountain area. The "Caution Road Not Maintained, Proceed At Your Own Risk" sign is every off-roader's dream, with uneven trails constantly changing from periodic rainfall. 

8. Hungry Valley SVRA

Located in the Tejon Pass, Hungry Valley features 19,000 acres and 130 miles of scenic trails. It's California's largest OHV recreation area with hills, valleys, coastal sage scrub, and dazzling views. The open riding zone features flat areas, sandy washes, and steep hills. Soil conditions erode quickly when disturbed, making the trails challenging and requiring caution.

9. Kennedy Meadows

Kennedy Meadows primarily caters to dirt bikes but features 4x4 trails for larger vehicles and ATVs. The area is beloved by OHV enthusiasts for its river crossings and draws spectators watching the attempt. It's also a family-friendly trail if off-roading is part of your genes.

If you're heading out for off-roading with your family, make sure it's fun and safe with these tips.

10. Brooklyn Mine OHV Trail

The Brooklyn Mine Trail is renowned for its abandoned mining camps with deep sandy and rocky wash trails racing deep into the mountains. There's still plenty of old mining equipment lying around, old structures, and camp artifacts. 

11. Angeles National Forest

Hit the backroads of The Angeles National Forest to the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument for 364 miles of designated OHV routes. There's plenty to explore, including the San Gabriel Canyon OHV Area for mud pits, rock piles, stream crossings, and playful terrain. 

12. Gold Mountain Trail

Gold Mountain Trail is a difficult OHV black diamond trail with multiple waterfalls and a rock garden. As part of Big Bear's gold-standard trails, you can also join an organized tour and off-roading challenges that get your adrenaline pumping.

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